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EWE created a custom lighting fixture for a client where the inspiration was born from a natural phenomena, a system of clouds where the stars are born, called Nebula.


Blown Glass, Stainless Steel and Led
300 x 400 cm


The process started by creating a set of organic silhouettes of different shapes and formats in acrylic, followed by duplicating these forms into stainless steel that condition the shape and limits the glass that is blown inside them.

Both the metal structure and the glass are placed in the tempering oven where both resist the drop in temperature as if they were a single piece.

These glass clouds hold inside each one of them a smart LED technology that allows to control dim and synchronize the light effect inside, creating a light system that expresses as a single mass, a big cloud that gives birth to stars, a Nebula.

By merging the rich heritage and skillful workshops in Mexico and translating it into a contemporary expression we aimed to develop an immersive art piece. The beauty of Nebula remarks EWE’s constant interest to promote collaboration, in this case with one of the best glass blowers in America, Nouvel Studio.