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Sacred Ritual Objects is the first collection by EWE Studio. S.R.O. was created out of fascination by the evolving skill of the artisans and their successful execution of exquisite objects, designed to ignite a connection with the divine.

Memoria Stools


Memoria Stools at ‘Collectible / Collective’, Masa Galería’s inaugural exhibition, 2019.

Memoria Stools (from left to right #2, #1, #4, #3) , 2017.

Molds made of fiberglass and silicone.

Memoria stools foundry process.


Altar Tables


Travertine hand-carving process for Altar table #3.

Altar Table #4, 2020.

Altar tables #1 and #2 at Masa’s exhibition ‘Collectible / Collective’, 2019.

Rito vessels


Rito vessel #5, 2017.

Unfinished Rito


The collection reflects how religious and cultural syncretism shaped the expression of Mexican craft heritage. Sacred Ritual Objects explores dialogues between diverse religious beliefs in Mexico and the rituals surrounding those traditions.

All our Rito Vessels and Rito Unfinished are hand-carved in Orizaba Black Marble.