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In the south of Mexico City is located El Pedregal, an area distinguished by its abrupt lava gardens, product of the mythical explosion of the Xitle volcano.

The rich landscape, a consequence of the explosion that occurred more than 1,700 years ago, became a point of reference and inspiration for Luis Barragán. The Mexican architect developed the area in the late 1940s, combining the original geological formations with architecture inspired by the international style.

Using this as inspiration, EWE Studio creates its first large-scale installation. Six black marble monoliths are selected for their rawness and expression, which are grouped to form a circle in the lobby of the Pedre residential building.


Black marble monoliths.

Custom made installation.



The raw stones are intervened with a four-meter diameter circle that can be distinguished from any level of the apartment tower. This perfect polished circle connects the six stones and creates the seat and back of each stone.

The installation has been hand carved in Chimalhuacán, State of Mexico, by skilled artisans from the workshop of Juan and Diana Fraga.

Installed in Pedre building, designed by Miguel De la Torre and Javier Sánchez.