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For this collection, EWE revisited Mexico’s artisan ancestral heritage, but this time, they have focused their attention on the evolving techniques the artisans have mastered during the last few centuries. Disciplines of different workshops were mixed in this collection in order to transform ordinary objects into something unique through the hands of the masters.

Large Golden Magma, 2018.

Small Golden Magma, 2018.

Individual Golden Magma, 2018.

Brown Magma Lighting Fixture


Small Brown Magma, 2017.

Individual Brown Magma Lighting Fixture, 2019

Three functional objects constitute the core of the Alquimia collection: a chair, a table and a lighting fixture. Fire played a significant role in the transformation of all three pieces. It altered and changed the characteristics of the materials involved – wood, steel and blown glass – involved in the manufacturing process, generating fascinating textures and mesmerizing deep colors.

Humo Table


EWE is celebrating uncertainty and ambiguity, while trusting their intuition when experimenting with shapes, materials and balance, as well as with the use of fire. Each object created by EWE Studio is limited edition and the way they are handcrafted by the skillful artisans, make them individual and unique.

Ceniza Chair, 2017.