EWE Studio’s latest collection Sincretismo subtly draws upon ancient wisdom, rituals, forms and materials of pre-hispanic cultures, which infuse EWE’s works with a richness. The collection embraces hand-carved techniques of wood, marble and stone indigenous to Mexico. Such processes have been practiced for centuries and embody the heritage of the stonemasons and woodworkers in which EWE collaborate with.

The objects within the collection are simultaneously functional and sculptural. Their unique shapes and forms are created by the hands of artisans and their careful carving of the natural materials. Through the skill of the craftsman, the studio aims to distinguish the works from everyday objects, bringing them into focus with unique character. Sincretismo caresses the material qualities, whilst highlighting the works scale, weight, form, balance and gravity.

Each piece within the Sincretismo collection has a common origin, a correlation, they interact if they are set together, but they stand out on their own. The collection brings about beauty, contemplation and steadiness to its surroundings.