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Publicaciones 2018.

"Ewe Studio, una nueva firma mexicana dedicada al diseño coleccionable" / lofficiel /
"The trio of designs includes a varied range of materials, all of which were altered by fire in some way." / dezeen /
"mexico city-based EWE studio has revisited their native heritage of artisanship for its ‘alquimia’ collection" / designboom /
"Wood, steel and blown glass have all been altered by fire" / ignant /
"Стул, стол и лампа: алхимическая коллекция из Мексики" / admagazine /

Publicaciones 2017.

"EWE Studio crafts Sacred Ritual Objects using ancient Mexican traditions" / dezeen /
"EWE studio preserves mexican heritage through sculptural and functional objects" / designboom /

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